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Vegan Restaurant, catering


Willowbeez Soul Veg




Racial Justice, Environmental sustainability Education, Employment.

For Profit

Willowbeez SoulVeg is a grass root, health-conscious food business with the community in mind. Our brand was established in late 2012 thru the farmer's market circle. We have set out to change the local perception of vegetarian foods by adding our version of soul. Willowbeez currently contributes to Columbus's vegan/vegetarian footprint through our north market and catering at various venues and festivals. We have also provided numerous food demonstration classes for youth in partnership with the Maroon Arts group, Columbus Urban League, Family Time Initiative @ Afrocentric High School, The King Arts Complex, & Columbus Parks & Recreation. Willowbeez creates holistic vegan health education for the community in need while also creating employment opportunities for young people of color.



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