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Too Good Eats




Health & Well Being

For profit

Too Good Eats was founded by Anique and Ali - two young parents fresh out of college on a mission to help their son eat more fruits & vegetables. After watching so many of their family members suffer from chronic health diseases, they were determined to make healthier choices and encourage others to do so as well.

Their passion for indulging and healthier snacking led to the creation of Too Good Eats fruit and veggie pops and artisan drinks! They take pride in deliciously crafting gourmet fruit and veggie treats made with simple yet intriguing ingredients, with no added sugar, no water, heart healthy, dairy free, gluten free, and absolutely nothing artificial. Their pops and drinks are the perfect treat for everyone!

Their vision for the Youth Entrepreneur Pop Program is to provide a summer jobs for emerging juniors and seniors to teach transferable life skills that aren't taught in a traditional k-12 learning environment. Team members learn business acumen, sales, goal setting, marketing, money management, operations, social skills, and self-confidence.



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