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The U




Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


The U is an urban entrepreneur support organization that develops businesses in the most culturally competent way.

The U envisions a world where systematic oppression is not an obstacle for Black and Brown businesses. They fulfill this vision by bridging the access gap ensuring awareness of resources, providing culturally competent education, facilitating impactful collaboration and engagement for Owner-Operated, Lifestyle businesses and start-ups run by People of Color.

Because mental health can be a barrier to launching successful businesses in the Black and Brown communities, The U has created a safe space to ask the questions some are too afraid to ask in fear of feeling inferior or inadequate. They understand standard business training is just not enough and strive to offer all the needed ancillary support to elevate small businesses as vital contributors to our economy. Black and Brown entrepreneurship requires as much support and funding as any other venture which is why providing this space where urban entrepreneurs can operate above systematic barriers is so important.

Entrepreneur Support


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