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The Galaxy Coffee




Equity & Inclusion

For profit

We have a lot of pride in crafting the perfect coffees, lattes, and teas to make your day a little brighter. And we also have pride in who we are — a queer and trans-owned worker cooperative in Columbus, Ohio with a commitment to building community and paying it forward.

We're committed to building community, paying it forward, and being proud of our queer and trans roots. We formed our business as a worker cooperative, and we prioritize working with other queer and local businesses. We even chose the name of our business from an idea in our community that gender is more than a binary, more than a spectrum, and more like a whole galaxy of possibilities.

Our community has taught us the importance of sharing resources and helping each other out. That's why, as a worker cooperative, we share the profits of our business and we each make a living wage. It's also why we don't take tips for ourselves, and instead we turned our tip jar into a Community Jar - for customers to pay it forward when they can, and use when they need.



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