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Link Before You Sink




Health & Well Being

For profit

After experiencing multiple losses in 2014, Jenna Righi made a promise to herself that when she found a way through, she would make it her mission to give back to others during difficult times. Three years later, she was riding her bike and the chain popped off. She looked down and had an epiphany: the symbolism of *links* and connection while being broken hit her. She suddenly realized she could make jewelry charms out the chain and Link Before You Sink, “LBYS” was born November 8th, 2018.

LBYS has since expanded to many different styles, however, every piece is handmade in Columbus, Ohio to include a link as a reminder to help us find strength by linking with others. Their goal is to link with as many people as possible to spread their mission while giving back. So far LBYS has been linked in 17 countries. Since launch, 2,500+ links have been given to various nonprofits, and individuals directly as a reminder we’re not alone.



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