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Kelton House Museum & Garden




Diversity and Inclusion


The Kelton House Museum and Garden was founded in 1976 as a Community Service Project of the Junior League of Columbus after a generous donation by Grace Kelton, third generation Kelton. With over 80% of the artifacts originating with the Kelton family, the museum offers a unique experience focusing on the Underground Railroad, local history and decorative arts. Open to the public for tours, programs and events, the Kelton House is a wonderful place to visit in the heart of the Town Street historic district.

Operated by the Junior League of Columbus, and in keeping with Grace Kelton’s original intent, the Vision of the Kelton House Museum & Garden strives to:

Preserve the house, the grounds, and the artifacts in keeping with museum best practices and reflect the deep roots and significance of the families who once resided within these walls;

Emerge as a beacon of community gathering and inclusion, allowing visitors to imagine themselves through the legacies of the Kelton and Lawrence families;

Develop and deliver exceptional programming and events relevant to a diverse audience;

Through these three aspirations, we continue to maintain the Kelton House Museum & Gardens for the greater Columbus community.

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