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Good Sign Coffee




Deaf Awareness & Employment

For Profit

Good Sign Coffee is a Deaf operated retail coffee brand focused on employing and creating awareness for the Deaf through coffee, merchandise and overall job opportunities. Good Sign is committed to lessening the employment gap and celebrating the Deaf community.

The Deaf community can face many barriers in finding and sustaining work in a hearing world. Through personal experiences we have seen this firsthand. Good Sign Coffee has set out to create a pathway for the Deaf to gain work and leadership experience in an environment that celebrates their abilities and community. Good Sign Coffee is both customer-forward and employee-focused, providing patrons with a rich cup of coffee and employees with a safe, empowering work environment.

Good Sign hires Deaf and hearing team members to grow the community through a shared language of ASL. This will attract and develop talent, as well as raise awareness and understanding of the Deaf experience in the workforce.



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